STD is a worldwide issue currently in the world. People know it exists but people are too ashamed to talk about it. Awareness is necessity now and without the awareness, STDs can be fatal. Young people aging from 15-24, who are sexually very active and are involved in unprotected sexual intercourse they are most likely to be harassed by this painful disease. There are numerous symptoms to detect whether you are a target of this disease or not and if you could self-analyse  then its great before you get tested at a fantastic destination to take a step ahead when you know there is an involvement of STDs in your life.

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Getting regularly checked up is not a bad thing and if you have any doubt with the world and what will the world think? Then it is for given that if you are harmed then you are the only one who is at loss rather than anyone else. These are some tips before getting tested.

  • Everything varies – Everything does change along the path.  Just like every experience you have in your life, not necessarily everything coming up will be pleasant too.
  • Needles are your friend – Might just advice you to avoid looking and imagining the size of the needle. The more you stare at the needles the more anxious you get.
  • Stay Hydrated – Get your body ample amount of water, because less water will only make things worse in your body.
get tested at
  • Ear healthy- At least during the test day, one should eat proper food and not junk.
  • Do get yourself informed- Do ask ample amount of question before getting into the action. It is your body and you have the right to know what is getting checked and how it is getting done.
  • Don’t do it during your periods (women) – During periods, iron deficiency can be a real pain in the head because it can cause your extra nausea.


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