Credito Emiliano SpA or popularly known as “Credem”, is an Italian based company mainly aiming its services in public sector. With a total of 75.57% stakes with Credito Emiliano, this banking company jointly ventures with Credemleasing, Credemfactor, Euromobiliare Fiduciaria, Credem Private Equity SGR, Credemassicurazioni etc. It has its services divided into four segments mainly, the “Commercial Banking Segment”, the “Bancassurance Segment”, the “Finance Segment” and the “Other Division” includes Magazzini Generali delle Tagliate. Each division has its own significance. These serve as an important tool in diversifying the services being provided by credem Italy to it’s public. The commercial banking encompasses the financial statements of the company as well as of Credem Leashing, Credem International Lux, Credemtel, Creacasa etc.

credem Italy

The representatives of the Bancassurance segment includes Credemvita and Credemassicurazioni whereas the finance segment of credem Italy is represented by Credito Emiliano. It is solely responsible to manage and take risk in dealing with the interest rate on the banking book, look after the investment and trading portfolios. The Other division incorporates Magazzini Generali delle Tagliate as well as other departments. This division summarises all the other departments and supports the functioning of both i.e. the commercial banking and financial segments of the institution.

credem Italy

The bank successfully undertakes its responsibility in offering services like leashing, insurance, personal loans, management of assets and pension funds among the lot. With its goals mainly dedicated in civilist representation, providing assurance and reliability, confidence for managing its operation as per the client’s needs and planning the future to manage assets, this organisation has emerged itself as a revolutionary banking option for the people.


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