Paleros ardently believe in the existence of dead and when it’s about contacting spirits they do that directly. Spooky isn’t it? In Palo Mayombe religion faith is considered to be having faith in spirits and ghosts instead of gods and gain supernatural powers for the good of mankind. Some of the categories of supernatural powers in Palo Mayombe are:

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Spirits are supposed to be the afterlife of human beings and it is believed that these spirits guide and help us in all walks of life. They guide and protect us.


When we talk about ghosts they are the negative forces unlike the spirits. They are belived to die in  some tragic event. Just like movies these ghosts may actually hurt people.

Kilumbo( forced ghosts)

These ghosts are more perilous and the people who use black magic try to harness the power of these ghosts to strife towards their goal forcefully without their consent. 

Nfumbe(harnessed ghosts )

Unlike forced ghosts , people take consent of the ghost and perform a lot of rituals and offerings to harness their powers after reaching an agreement

Mpungo(Angels or holy spirits)

They are considered to be the most powerful spirits that watch and guard us.

The people who are interested to be associated with or adopt this religious practice need to be initiated. A ceremony called “Rayamiento” is conducted for the initiation of the new members. To get initiated visit A Palo Mayombe priest has a lot of courage and strength he has the power to save or destroy the life of a person. The practitioners of Palo Mayombe leverage the powers to create good or evil within a rapid pace. Ignorance, lack of knowledge and misunderstandings tend many people to fear Palo Mayombe and its followers. There are many prejudices related to Paleros in the society, yet Palo Mayombe is one of the most interesting and unique religion of the world.  


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