“A strong woman stands up for herself, a stronger woman stands up for everybody else”. It is a quote that rightly motivates women empowerment. The establishment of the Millennium Development Goals happened some years ago. Right from thereon, there has been a considerable progress in this arena. There is an improvement not only in the social, but also in the economic status of women. Particularly, it has happened in developing countries as well. These developments include considerable development both in education and in healthcare of women.

Is there equality in women empowerment all over the world?

It is true that there is an improvement. However, the map progress is not equal in all countries. In some countries, the changes are highly visible. On the other hand, changes are least even retrogressive in other countries. Let us consider the case of developing countries. There is a considerable increase in the rate of women working in farming. Even, women are owners of small businesses in these nations. Still, in these instances, working women are turning out to be victims. To be specific, they are becoming victims of financial insecurity as compared to men.

The Millennium Development Goal report was released in 2013. Accordingly, in developing countries, women are losing their lives during childbirth. It is happening due to complications that could have been prevented. The reason is that licensed healthcare professionals attend only 53% of births.

Does foreign aid for women empowerment helps developing nations?

To evaluate this, Project Concern International organized a Congressional Briefing. The event gathered a diverse group of people. They joined for discussing the actions required for improving the condition of women. The discussion was on confronts and also the actions to take for facing the challenges. It was discussed whether new tools are to be created. Experts also suggested ways to improve the existing tools for data collection. These tools will also help with analysis of behavioral and social issues. It will happen both at the collective and at an individual level.

What are the ways to empower women socially?

As most of us know, education can provide the excellent foundation for empowerment. Not only education, a safe space should be created for women in the society. They should be provided with the best support for mobility and independence. Further, experts suggest that the right foundation for women to earn is important. For instance, they can be taught skills that suit them. It can be anything like teaching, tailoring, etc. With the power to earn, they will feel even more confident. Women should be made entrepreneurs. In fact, many women entrepreneurs these days are standing as live examples. Women can gain the best motivation from their lives. Experts are of the opinion that women should get decision-making powers. It should start with families and it will slowly get on to the society as well. It is essential to educate men not to engage in domestic violence against women. More than anything else, parents should teach the next generation to respect women. It will naturally bring social empowerment of women in the coming years.




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