Depression and demotivation are a factor for many unsuccessful stories. People are so competitive now that anyone can stamp over you and reach their destination. It’s a stampede of dreams and ambitions. Citáty can be vital in your life.


Quotes are small but very effective with positive energy. Bringing in positivity through words are an old trick but as they say “old is gold”. Ambition and dreams are easy to be suppressed and today’s world is all about suppressed dreams. Motivation is missing from people’s lives. The blame to be put on to those people who have enough of motivation and ambition to spread negativity.

The World is seeing a lot of restless behaviour since a decade or so. The only silver lining is the little hint of entertainment we get from the world of “social media” and also various other sectors. Social media a vast supplier of quotes to mankind. At least that is what the standards say now.


So, coming down to depression, quotes can help you fight it. Believe it or not people have done it before and are still doing it as you read this. A one-line quote can provide an instantaneous relief and motivation. And if you surrounded by numerous Citáty then, am sure it can at least push you to lift up your own spirits.

And if it actually works then it is surely proved that it is a much cheaper than a psychologist visit. A smile is very powerful, it portrays the amount of positivity one has and a little quote can bring up smile and spark up the huge flame of positivity in you. So indeed, a quote can be a very effective weapon to fight off depression from your life or at least can make it easy.


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