Oil massage is a technique that treats the whole body using mainly vegetable oil.

Unlike manipulative treatment and normal massage, it is performed by applying oil, so the touch is soft and painless, so it is widely accepted by women and those who are not good at massage.

Oil massage is often performed mainly on the back, waist, and shoulders, and can treat a wide range at once.

These body oil massages have the comfort of wrapping your whole body with warm and gentle stimulation using your palms.

It promotes blood circulation, increases the metabolism of the whole body, and relaxes and warms the body. After treatment, it feels as if the whole body is warm.

ayurveda beauty treatment

The oil treatment also promotes the flow of lymph fluid, so it is effective for swelling and dullness of the feet, and after the treatment, it has a slimming effect that restores the original thinness.

Oil massage can also be used as a face treatment.

Using a gentle oil such as jojoba oil and a light touch, you can see that the entire face comes alive with a high moisturizing effect and blood circulation promoting effect.

In particular, Ayurveda beauty treatment that include face line putting and neck/decorate treatments increase the metabolism of the entire face and make it easier for waste products to be discharged.

In this way, oil massage can be expected to have a high beauty effect.

Aroma essential oil is used to further enhance the effect of oil massage.

Essential oils are essences extracted from plants and highly effective for each type.

Rosemary has the effect of increasing the metabolism of the face to remove dullness, Rose has the effect of adjusting the hormonal balance and moisturizing, etc., blending with carrier oil according to the purpose, treatment that is highly effective while being aroma Can receive.

These aroma treatments have been practiced for a long time in Europe and the United States and are very popular in daily life.

Oil massage can bring out deeper relaxation and beauty effects by having it done by professional hands, but it is a very effective treatment that helps in anti-aging and moisturizing by incorporating it into daily care as a self-massage. is.


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