Sweat bees or Halictidae are the second-largest in honey bee family. These bees have a body of vibrant colours of metallic, green, blue and bronze. These sweat bees scarcely expand in size. They usually form their nests underground or on rotten woods.

sweat bee control

When do you usually see them?

Sweat bees are usually found almost everywhere. They are of about 1000 different variations. These bees commonly are in search of sweat which is why they are found around very often. These bees obtain nectar and pollen from a lot of flowers, yet long for sweat as it gives salt to their food. Human sweat consists of a large amount of salt which is why these bees are often attracted to their sweat. Humans are hence a means to a sweat bee’s diet. These bees possess a short tongue which iswhy; licking the salt off of a human is a very easy task for them. This is one of the reasons why sweat bee control is extremely necessary.

Time of appearance-

Most of the sweat bees are very often vigorous between the months of March and September. This is because humans tend to sweat a lot more in these months which is furthermore an advantage for these bees.

Sweat bee control

sweat bee control

Sweat bees aren’t very dangerous but can be extremely displeasing. This is why one can always find techniques to control these sweat bees. There are multiple ways for sweat bee control, one can always pick the most efficient and convenient method for them individually. Given below are two of the most effective ways for sweat bee control.

One of the most ideal ways to control sweat bees is by killing them. To kill a large number of bees, it is always best to call an exterminator.

Another convenient way to kill these bees is by you. A homemade method such as using a dish soap spray is one killer way of killing sweat bees. As these sprays have a minute quantity of borax, they are just the easiest and cheapest way for sweat bee control.


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