• What is an Instagram Private Account Viewer?

As the name itself suggests, the Instagram private viewer is a web service which allows you to view photos and videos of those accounts which are not open to everyone.

  • How does Instagram private account viewer work?

An Instagram private account viewer such as https://imagerocket.net has a lot of features in it. In comparison to regular viewers who get to see posts only from those accounts which the follow and from open accounts, you get to see a lot more. Thus, regular viewers only get to see posts from accounts which are open to the public or are publicly shared, whereas using this web service (which is completely online and doesn’t require any downloading) you can see posts on those accounts too which aren’t open to the public and are restricted to their own followers only. Using this feature will help you to not only see more posts but will also help to circumvent private settings in certain posts so that you are able to freely view them without being a follower of that specific profile.


Unlike a regular Instagram viewer, you get to enjoy certain unique features too, such as – you get to download Instagram stories – including the private stories, using it. Not just that, it allows you to views posts from profiles you don’t follow exactly as any regular follower would get to view them. Thus, not only do you get to enjoy Instagram stories which are open to all, but you also get to see those stories which are private and might not be open to you.

Sounds interesting and unique, doesn’t it?

Using this web service enables you to not just view photos but do a lot more, as has been mentioned above.


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