Dear visitor, we strongly recommend to read the content on this page, however if you are unable to spare 2 minutes, just click on some of the available servers to switch your IP and bypass currently applied web restrictions. By doing so, you will also protect and hide your personal information.Enjoy!

torlock proxy

Choose a server from the torlock proxy list above. Then, click on the link > enter the blocked URL and it’s done, but don’t stop reading now. Did you noticed that some links are colored? We recommend to use them. Green, Blue and Orange listings are premium. We confirm that they are completely safe to use and we can provide contact details if you doubt in the way they work. Also there are links in the list starting with a small lock. This lock confirms that the website uses a secure connection (SSL). You can use them to log in safely with your web/social accounts and even make payments through them. By the way, your current IP Address is: If you recognize this IP, you should definitely use one of the servers from the list. To find out why, don’t stop reading.

Proxy List Against Identity Theft / Virus Infections

torlock proxy

Nowadays web surfing may be a dangerous entertainment. If your IP address is not protected, you are on the verge of becoming a victim.

Thousands of newbies and professional hackers could fetch and use your true IP to steal your sensitive, personal information or even worse – to take complete control over your PC. If you want to prevent such direct, hacking attacks protecting the real IP of your PC or mobile device is crucial.

A lot of viruses can also use your IP addresses to infect your computer or mobile device. So be smart! If you are unable to afford a bullet proof protection (currently owned by AVG), we definitely recommend the use of our free proxy list. Also, make sure to check out the trending and latest sections.


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