A screen protector is an excess layer of an element generally polyurethane or laminated glass that can be attached or stuck to the screen of an electronic accessoryor device and sustain it against bodily or physical damage.

surface pro 7 screen projector

Usually, screen protectors are manufactured either from plastics such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or either of laminated tempered glass which is identical to the original screen of the device or display which are meant to safeguard. At the same price, the glass will withstand scratches and lines more than plastic. However, the higher-priced plastic screen guards are better than the inexpensive tempered glass varieties since glass will break down or crack with applicable and extensive impact force.

You might have possibly bought the Surface Pro 7and you must be ready to start using the laptop after some hours of setting it all up. However, you might have forgotten to get important accessories like the Surface Pro 7 caseand the surface pro 7 screen protector. Glass protection is essential to defend your device screen from many common defects and damages.

There are several types of safeguards or screen protectors. The best kinds of screen protectors are obtainable in the stores these days and are mainly of two types.

surface pro 7 screen projector

There are two categories of protectors are-

  1. Tempered Glass Screen Protector.
  2. Flexible Film Screen Protector.

The Tempered Glass Screen Protectors like the surface pro 7 screen protector deliver fantastic clarity and transparency through the screen and protection. Whereas the flexible or plastic Film Protectors make the laptop screen to use comfortably and have good touch sensitivity. Consequently, it is up to your preference to choose the one that is best that suits your requirements and fulfill your needs.


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