Governments from across the world cannot ignore domestic violence. In fact, there is an international pressure to do something to safeguard the victims. What is domestic violence anyways?

It is the term used for denoting the actions that occur in different relationships. It is a pattern of behavior used for gaining or maintaining control and power. The control is not on an unknown person. However, it is on an intimate partner or a family member. The abuse might be in any form. For instance, it can include threats of actions, emotional, sexual and physical. These actions done to gain an influence over another person are domestic violence. It can encompass any behavior that not just injure, but also humiliate or hurt others. Even, frightening, manipulating, blaming and terrorizing others fall under this category.

Where can domestic violence take place?

It can happen to anyone of any gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or race. It can happen to married couples and even among those living together. It affects individuals of different age groups and educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. Even though it can affect men, women (85%) are the major victims. The startling statistics reveal the following:

  • Studies show that in America alone, 4 million women face serious assault from the partner. It has happened in an aver period of 12 months.
  • Even, studies say that nearly a million incident of violence takes place per year. They are happening against spouse or girlfriend.
  • Studies show that 74% of employed women were battered by their partners.
  • Nearly 70% of suicide or murder happens at homes. The reason may be abuse.

What are the effects of domestic violence?

If the violence is in the form of physical hurt, it leads to injuries. Even, there are instances of deaths happening due to physical abuse. Further, the psychological issues women face needs a mention here. They have a higher level of anxiety, somatic complaints, and depression. With an ever-present threat of abuse, some of them get paralyzed by terror. The depression, in turn, increases the chances of suicidal attempts. Even, most of them have opted for self-destruction. The reason is that they were not provided the opportunity to free themselves up. If they got the right attention, their life would have been saved. So, to prevent further destructions, it is high-time to safeguard women.

What causes domestic violence?

Among the many causes, gendered drivers have been shown to be the major cause. It includes condoning violence against women. Showing disrespect towards women is yet another factor. Stereotyped views and strict gender roles are contributors. The present world is known to have achieved women empowerment. However, still abuse against women is prevalent across the globe. The right actions can be taken in this respect by educating women.

The government should take steps to keep women informed. They should be taught how to deal with domestic violence. If they know, where to knock, they will feel confident. They will never get into depression and they will easily fight against their safety.


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