This is a debate that more recently has more to do with ‘loyalty’ and fashion, than the actual arguments within. Windows computers can make great Music Production systems, but due to the nature of diverse (and some less than legitimate) software available for Windows computers, viruses are by far more common, and Windows computers can also prove less reliable if not kept pretty clean.

If you were going to look at the Mac vs Windows debate, the first consideration is definitely cost! Windows machines can be a lot more affordable to purchase, but there are a LOT of factors to consider when choosing a Windows PC for music production. The specifications available from the many manufacturers of Windows computers can be quite different, and some just simply aren’t powerful enough to hack it for producing soundtracks.


Honestly, Apple machines do command a premium price, but mainly up-front. Apple’s Mac App Store actually has a very comprehensive selection of VERY affordable music production software, which can be used for producing soundtracks. Most of these apps are cheaper than Windows comparable software. As an Apple user myself (having been a LONG term Windows user), I do actually believe that the premium is well worth it. Admittedly, I used to mock Apple machines (and without good reason), with the opinion that they were overpriced, and the popularity was down to fashion.

Having had my very own experience of my own Macbook Pro 17″ taking a heavy tumble down a solid wooden staircase, I couldn’t be more thankful that Apple make their machines from aluminium, rather than the cheap plastic chassis’ which many Windows laptops are constructed from. I flipped open the lid, and my precious machine burst into life without so much as a scratch.

I may sound slightly Apple biased, but that’s down to my own personal preference. A Windows machine can create equally great music, and potentially at a lower purchase price. I don’t want my own personal preferences to influence your own choices, so I’m going to try to be as neutral as possible, and give you some useful and objective advice.


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