5 Things to Keep In Mind While Organizing a T-Shirt Design Competition

You might be the manager of a sports team. Even, you might be a businessman. Otherwise, you might even own a charity. Irrespective of the nature of your operations, you are looking for a brand promotion. Yes, you are true. Brand promotion is something important. Only when this happens, the prospective customers will get to know your business. Marketing experts are of the opinion that you can engage your audience in many ways. However, let us consider that you look for a fun way. You can organize a t-shirt design competition. However, you should understand the points to remember when you do it.

1. Do you have a clear objective?

Remember that before you begin a competition, you should have a clear goal in mind. Have you decided where to post the winning t-shirt design? Are you clear about the purpose of the contest? For instance, you can decide that every registrant will get a free shirt at the end. The shirt will have the winning design printed on it. Let us consider that they wear the t-shirt elsewhere. It will bring familiarity to your business among people.

2. Deciding how to get the competition popular:

You can get a lot of registrants only if they get to know about the competition. It will also improve the odds of getting the best designs for your intention. So, before even deciding on the date of the competition, you should do one thing. You should think about the ways to spread a word about the competition. You can use social media, radio, television and web advertising.

3. How about your budget?

When you decide on t-shirt design competition, you should have a budget in place. Of course, you might add this program to your marketing budget. Nevertheless, it should not increase your marketing budget, isn’t? So, when you are organizing a competition, you should have a pre-set budget plan. It will make sure that your endeavor will turn out to be fruitful.

4. How to engage your audience?

You are, of course, planning for a t-shirt design to reach your audience. They are the ones, who are going to get the customized t-shirt from you. So, can you think about engaging them in choosing the best design? It will bring a good impression in their minds. They will feel happy that they are engaged in this process. In turn, their loyalty towards your business will improve. So, you can consider this tip as one of the important things to keep in mind.

5. What are the participation guidelines?

Are you going to frame any set of guidelines for the participants? For instance, you can have details like the type of design you expect. How can participants send away their design? Make these decisions and post them along with your invitation for the design competition. It will ensure only competent people will participate.

Let me tell you one thing: T-shirt design competition is a clever idea. It is a move that will help your business attain marketing goals. Just the right planning will make the competition successful.


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